‘I will always woof you’: Dog howls along to Whitney Houston classic


A German Shepherd belting out tones to a Whitney Houston classic has had online viewers chuckling.

Max’s favourite song is the iconic romantic tune ‘I Will Always Love You’, and even he simply can’t resist the urge to join in the famous long note that begins at the ballad’s chorus.

The funny clip, which was posted by the TikTok user @nautiescape, begins with Max and his owner cruising on a boat together, as his human counterpart explains just how much his dog loves the song.

He says that any time it comes on, Max can’t help but start howling and singing along.

He then presses play and shows us just how talented his dog is.

As soon as the chorus of the track begins, Max instantly begins to howl along, really stretching his vocal chords as he threatens to give Whitney a run for her money.

Viewers were clearly impressed by Max’s songbird abilities, with one commenting: “So much soul coming through that whooooo! Love it.”

Another commenter wrote: “This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! Adorable!”

A third added: “Whitney channelling through him… adorable.”