Stunt Pilot Sets Guinness World Record For Longest Flight Through A Tunnel


Italian air-race competitor and stunt pilot Dario Costa made it to the Guinness Book of World Records by flying an aeroplane through two tunnels in Istanbul, Turkey. Mr Costa’s world record is for the longest aeroplane flight taken through a tunnel for a distance of 1,730m. The video of this flight was released by Austrian company Red Bull on Facebook on September 4, 2021. The video has already received 1.4 lakh reactions and has been shared 62k times. Mr Costa’s flight is seen taking off inside one of the Çatalca Tunnels outside Istanbul. As the flight propels forward, it is airborne before exiting the first tunnel.

The second tunnel is a long one but Mr Costa blasts through it with ease. Soon after coming out of the second tunnel, a camera inside the aircraft shows him screaming and weeping in joy.

Red Bull’s caption read, “Dario just took the aviation game to another level with his flight through Istanbul’s Çatalca Tunnels, flying for 2.6km through 2 tunnels at an average speed of 245.07 km/h and becoming a Guinness World Record-setting pilot in the process.”

The stunt set other records too. It became the first flight through a tunnel; the first aeroplane flight through two tunnels; the first aeroplane to take off from a tunnel and the longest flight under a solid obstacle.

Viewers were stunned after watching the video. One user, Finn James, wrote, “Absolutely stunning. Congrats, Dario, I yelled out in my living room the same moment you did, after I caught my breath! That precision and mastery of the controls were awesome to watch.”

Another user, Richard Lee, made a comparison between Mr Costa’s feat and the game Grand Theft Auto. The user wrote, “When GTA isn’t enough and you need to do it IRL.”

A viewer named Timothy Adam was floored by the stunt and said, “This is the craziest aircraft stunt ever in the history of aviation. I dare you to find something more intense, challenging or dangerous.”

One user called it “hypnotic” as Mr Costa flew through the tunnel. Another user seconded the thought and wrote, “Reminded me of 2001 Space Odyssey.”

Some users even leaned on jokes to compliment Mr Costa. One such viewer, Brad Cohen, wrote, “Mr Costa, the tollway authority would like to discuss the fact that you seemed to have forgotten to stop at the toll booth.”